FAVE 5 on 5: March 2014

April 04, 2014  •  1 Comment

On the fifth of every month myself and a group of inspiring photographers will each post five favorite photos from the previous month. It's a "blog circle" aka virtual gallery hop that will take you around the country inspiring you with different landscapes, people, emotions, and moments. At the end of each Fave 5 on 5 there will be a link to the next photographer. Be sure to click on the link and hop over to the next gallery. Enjoy!



March was fast and furious, and full of ups and downs.

060.365.2014060.365.2014 It was briefly cold and rainy after weeks of sunny moderate Arizona weather, and we reveled in the damp weather 
and O hunted worms with squeals of delight each time she spotted one.


This year the blossoms arrived extra early in the season; I hope they survive the freezing nights ahead.


Worker-man. He's made a diligent attempt to relocate all the dirt in the backyard.


Each night the kids have to say goodnight to the baby chicks. 


My mom's legendary bread. Too bad I can't eat it anymore. I'm GF.



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So sweet! They all say spring!
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