12 on 12: A Day in the Life: December 2017

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We're trying something new! On the fifth of every month myself and a group of photographers will each post photos using a theme. For this month its 12 on 12 - A Day in the Life. It's still a "blog circle" aka virtual gallery hop that will take you around the country inspiring you with different landscapes, people, emotions, and moments. At the end of each blog there will be a link to the next photographer. Be sure to click on the link and hop over to the next gallery. Enjoy!


12 on 12: A Day in the Life: December 2017

Adventure Time! We headed out to an area close to our town where we hadn't explored before. Here are 12 photos from the day:

Mojo loves going for rides with the family.


_JM02530_JM02530 Old growth junipers seem to burn with red within. 



Every time I do laundry, there are rocks in the washer... every. time. 


_JM02599_JM02599 Taking in the sites as we drove down some quiet dirt roads. 


_JM02557_JM02557 As rock climbers we like rocks. A lot. So this adventure included some bush-wacking to get closer to this very interesting outcropping of rock.  


_JM02563_JM02563 Carl crawling through the rocks. We found secondary chippings and pottery pieces at the base of the cliff.


_JM02567_JM02567 As a lichen lover, I don't think I have ever seen this type of growth before. BTW, I just googled "lichen that looks like nipples" and got some interesting results... not what I was looking for. Maybe its a fungus? 


_JM02570_JM02570 I love this photo with O scrambling along the rock edge and Carl's big grin looking up at the rocks. Classic Carl. 


_JM02575_JM02575 Enjoying a view from the top -- All sorts of secret rock spots in this neck of the woods!


_JM02584_JM02584 As the day wound down we headed back to the truck, loaded up, and took the long way home. 


_JM02622_JM02622 Miles and miles of dirt roads and places to explore.

The area is made up of Wilderness designated sections, ranches, the random big fancy house, and national forest. 


_JM02638_JM02638 The long way home led us to these rascals who popped up on the road out of a culvert and surprised us!

They skirted up the steep hill and watched us go by. I was lucky to catch them with the fading light before they headed into the bushes. Good night javelina!

That's it for our day, just another day out exploring the countryside. 




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What a fun family outing! And, javelins!! Are you familiar with the Josephina Ballerina Javelina books?!
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