FAVE 5 on 5: June & July 2017

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On the fifth of every month myself and a group of photographers will each post five favorite photos from the previous month. It's a "blog circle" aka virtual gallery hop that will take you around the country inspiring you with different landscapes, people, emotions, and moments. At the end of each Fave 5 on 5 there will be a link to the next photographer. Be sure to click on the link and hop over to the next gallery. Enjoy!


FAVE 5 for June & July 2017



Every year I volunteer to be the event photographer for Party in the Pines, a great fundraising event! 


161.365.2017161.365.2017 Summer time tree climbing. 


171.365.2017171.365.2017 Dragonfly catcher.  


Super O.  


Seeking shade.   

And then July arrived!

183.365.2017183.365.2017 Baby Nighthawks just chilling on the ground. I almost stepped on them! 


184.365.2017184.365.2017 Camping adventures: Better then Butterfly Wonderland.



188.365.2017188.365.2017 Sleepy Mojo. Camping is exhausting.


193.365.2017193.365.2017 How much dust can you fling into the air and then run around in? A lot, a lot. 


194.365.2017194.365.2017 Magic light while out on a hike to find treasures. 



197.365.2017197.365.2017 Monsoons FINALLY arrived!


198.365.2017198.365.2017 Sycamore Point



Thank you for stopping by - but wait, there's more! 


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