12 on 12: A Day in the Life: February 2018

February 12, 2018  •  1 Comment

We're trying something new! On the fifth of every month myself and a group of photographers will each post photos using a theme. For this month its 12 on 12 - A Day in the Life. It's still a "blog circle" aka virtual gallery hop that will take you around the country inspiring you with different landscapes, people, emotions, and moments. At the end of each blog there will be a link to the next photographer. Be sure to click on the link and hop over to the next gallery. Enjoy!


12 on 12: A Day in the Life: February 2018

This time around I thought I would give the old iPhone a whirl for my 12 on 12. The picture quality isn't what I hoped for (must be time for a new phone), but I am glad this project motivated me to document a typical day for us. 

Trying to sleep in.


IMG_9447 copyIMG_9447 copy Fueling up for the day ahead. 


IMG_9451 copyIMG_9451 copy

This girl got a new bike and couldn't wait to take it out on the trail. 


IMG_9458 copyIMG_9458 copy A little break at the treasure table. 


IMG_0043 We are so grateful to have trails to ride out our back door.  


IMG_9462 copyIMG_9462 copy He rides hard and sometimes wrecks. He was playing it up a bit here, and was totally fine.


IMG_9467 copyIMG_9467 copy

Back at the house it was time to get those valentines written. 


IMG_9470 copyIMG_9470 copy The hubby and kids went grocery shopping and brought these back for me. Lovely tulips!


IMG_9473 copyIMG_9473 copy Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins in the making.


IMG_9477 copyIMG_9477 copy Mojo needed a nap after the morning bike ride and trip into town to get groceries. 


IMG_9481 copyIMG_9481 copy Then everyone gathered around for a lesson on how to suture. 


IMG_9492 copyIMG_9492 copy

It was such a beautiful day, and Miss O was adamant we go for another bike ride, so we did! It's a long ride and the kids rocked it!


IMG_9528 copyIMG_9528 copy IMG_9532 copyIMG_9532 copy

Stories and bed time, good night! 




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I so love that those trails and woods are so close to you - I can almost smell them. And the video clip is aces. Thanks for sharing this - totally put me there :)
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