RED: 11-2017

November 05, 2017  •  2 Comments

We're trying something new! On the fifth of every month myself and a group of photographers will each post photos using a color theme. It's still a "blog circle" aka virtual gallery hop that will take you around the country inspiring you with different landscapes, people, emotions, and moments. At the end of each blog there will be a link to the next photographer. Be sure to click on the link and hop over to the next gallery. Enjoy!


RED: November 2017



Heart tomato red.


277.365.2017277.365.2017 Forest trails red.





Hedge Hog Red


143.365.2017143.365.2017 Work Red


174.365.2017174.365.2017 Yummy Red




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Vanessa Simpson(non-registered)
oooh, these are all so gorgeous. love that cactus bloom.
So fun to see all of your reds - and ones that are just so different from what we get up here. That cactus blossom red is my favorite I think :)
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