Apple Blossoms: 365 Project

April 28, 2013  •  2 Comments

This is the third year in a row I'm working on a 365 Project. So what is a 365? The idea is that you take a photo every day for a year. It could be of anything, anyone, anywhere, as long as you take a photo each day. These are the real life moments that we often overlook, take for granted, or just don't take the time to record.

A photo to remember when my daughter was obsessed with pushing a cart around the neighborhood:


Or how the big dog sleeps under the little dining room table, hoping for a few unnoticed treats to fall on the floor.


And how the little guy's tenacity to get into the dishwasher seemed like it would never fade.


But each year I always keep a close eye on the apple trees. Every year the weather and critters challenge the possibility of harvesting apples. Some years its a late frost, others it hail, or not enough rain. Other times its the birds or squirrels wreaking havoc. We love being able to preserve our own applesauce, dehydrate apple chips, and make other sweet treats. The conditions seem to be right about every 3-5 years to get apples. So it's a big deal in our house when the blossoms survive, the apples grow and ripen without any assaults, and we get to pick our own apples.


The apple tree is our own backyard calendar of how we move through the seasons and a reminder of the circular nature of life. Each year it finds its way into my 365, marking the changing of seasons, and bookmarking each chapter in our lives.


Beautiful pictures and such a lovely description with the growth of your family centered around the apple tree.
Tracie West(non-registered)
I like first how you choose black and white for this post, I also loved to read how your apple tree always makes it and how it's your calendar. Love that.

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