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We started at the boat launch, reminiscing about past visits to this symbolic location.This place has been a destination in many chapters of our lives.It was special to come here with family and have the kids experience it as well.Watching the river guides getting ready to launch.Tamarisk blossoming along the Colorado River.Where the Paria meets the Colorado.The Goff Louis ClanThe McAdoo Goff ClanFirst camping spot, woo weeee what a view!Theo and Joy playing trucks, good thing there is lots of dirt to play in.The dirt road leading to the edge of the canyon. Next stop, on top of those cliffs in the distance.Campsite #1Julian and Oletha drawing the canyon.This was just the beginning of spring blooms we'd find.We love our Land Cruiser and all the places it takes us.Bursting pink cactus bloom!Spring bloomsQuick stop to air down.Spring in the desert is like a treasure hunt.Lunch stop at an old corral. This is a huge water tank.