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I remember my first camera when I was about six years old, a KODAK 110. I was so obsessed with taking photos and sending off rolls and rolls of film. I would stalk the mailman waiting impatiently for the photos to return (and I still have a thing for mail to this day). From then on I was often the one toting around a camera, whether it be snowboarding at the mountain or spending time with family.

I kept taking photos throughout the different chapters in my life, but didn't really appreciate the true emotion behind photography until I had a family of my own. The cliche is true, "they grow so fast." The days are long and the years are short. Parenthood is every adjective in the dictionary, and capturing the beauty of those everyday moments brings a kind of magic to those memories. And my photography just grew from there.

My style seeks out natural light and uses a photojournalistic approach to photography because real life is beautiful. You'll find me in Prescott, Arizona with a camera over my shoulder at the grocery store, on the trail, or even on the side of the road capturing the moment.

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